Final construction cleaning. Basic cleaning. Special cleaning.

Products within the first stage of the stone care system for "Cleaning" are suitable for the final cleaning of buildings and for the removal of special impurities. By completing the cleaning process you can prepare the surface for a protective treatment.  There are different types of cleaning processes and therefore we have prepared a short overview for you:


Final construction cleaning.

This is about removing contamination from new surfaces such as cement film, epoxy resin film and general dirt. With final construction cleaning, you are preparing the surface for a professional handover as the installer/fitter.


Basic cleaning. 

Basic cleaning refers to the cleaning of floor surfaces that have already been laid. Old floor surfaces are often subject to a combination of deep grease contamination, surface dirt and layers of care products that need to be removed.


Special cleaning.

Special cleaning is used to remove specific dirt and/or stains such as efflorescence, oil and grease stains, cement deposits, and others.

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