Impregnator. Colour Enhancer. Sealer.

Products within the second stage "Protecting" contains all products for impregnation, colour depth and sealing. A protective treatment makes the surface easier to clean and less sensitive to stains. In addition, the flooring/surface is protected against moisture penetration and at the same time its properties for use are improved. A distinction can be made between protective treatments:



During the impregnating process, the impregnating sealants penetrate the surface and accumulate within the capillary walls. Impregnating products build up a water and/or oil repellence depending on the individual product ingredients/compounds. The repellent effect results from the reduction of the capillary absorbency. A basic requirement for the suitability of the impregnating sealant is that the surface must be absorbent/porous. Impregnating sealants are also suitable for use on absorbent surfaces as a grouting aid.


Colour Enhancer

Colour enhancing improves the appearance by deepening the colour and/or giving it a shine. The colour deepening is greater with solvent-based products as the active ingredients are used in their original structure. The depth of absorption depends on the pore radius and the molecule size. Water-based systems provide less colour change because the active substances are less soluble in water and therefore have to be modified accordingly. Water-based impregnators are generally easier to use.


Surface Sealer

Surface sealants are characterized by creating a covering film on the surface. They are relatively easy to recognise by the changed sheen/gloss behaviour of the surface. Different degrees of gloss can be achieved by the variable selection of active agents within the products. All these surface sealants and finishes close the surface pores and this reduces or eliminates the original water vapour permeability. Therefore, external application is not recommended.

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