Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner

Cleaner for all natural and concrete stones.

Article number : 163
Removes stubborn green and dark deposits as well as stains caused by trees or flowers from all natural and artificial stone surfaces. Flagstones, pavier, walls, paths, etc. are immediately restored to their original colour.
Product type: chlorine based cleaner
  • fast acting
  • easy and safe to use
  • for outdoor use only
Coverage approx. 5-10 m²/L
Stocking closed, cool, dark, up to 1 year
Packaging 1 L, 5 L
  • pdf
    Technical Information - Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner (AUSNZ)
  • pdf
    Material Safety Data Sheet - Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner (AUS)
    307 KB

Apply Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner undiluted and allow it to work for about 10-30 minutes. Brush, remove the product and then rinse off with clear water.

Wet the surface with water, then apply Lithofin MN Builder's Clean and allow it to work for about one hour. Add some water, brush, and then remove the product. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. In case of stubborn staining repeat this process.

Note: Some granites are pre-treated with products that may not be resistant to an acidic cleaner. Please test the product’s suitability prior to use. Discolorations resulting from plants look similar to rust and can be removed with Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner.

Discolorations are caused by organic acids or color pigments (e.g. geranium flowers). These can be removed with Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner.

Cleaning the surface with Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner will restore the surface to its original condition. After one to two weeks, you should treat the surface with Lithofin ALGEX as a preventive measure. To ensure a clean surface in the future, you should spray it with Lithofin ALGEX once a year, preferably in spring.

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