Lithofin ALGEX

Special Cleaner for Outdoor Areas.

Article number : 032
Removes common dirt and slippery green deposits from terraces, steps, paths, walls, etc. Quarry tiles, stone, concrete, plaster and wood are thoroughly cleaned and brightened up.
Product type: mildly alkaline special cleaner
  • concentrate - high yield
  • easy and safe to use
  • self-acting
Coverage approx. 30 to 200m²/L
Stocking closed, cool, up to 5 years
Packaging 1 L, 5 L
  • pdf
    Technical Information - Lithofin ALGEX (AUSNZ)
  • pdf
    Material Safety Data Sheet - Lithofin ALGEX (AUS)
    280 KB

Green deposits can be removed with Lithofin ALGEX. Simply dilute the product 1:10 with water and spray it onto the surface. This product also serves a preventive function. To ensure a clean surface, you should spray it with Lithofin ALGEX once a year, preferably in spring.


Cleaning the surface with Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner will restore the surface to its original condition. After one to two weeks, you should treat the surface with Lithofin ALGEX as a preventive measure. To ensure a clean surface in the future, you should spray it with Lithofin ALGEX once a year, preferably in spring.

It is best not to do anything. You probably used Lithofin ALGEX in too strong a concentration, which made the algae turn brown. You can either brush with some water or wait for the rain to solve the problem.


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