Future-oriented expansion in BeNeLux


Lithofin, a leading provider of stone care systems, is continuing its international expansion. In December 2021, the company joined Eurosil BV, its long-standing sales partner for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Following the takeover of the company, the business was continued by Mr Peter De Rijck in order to ensure an unchanged market presence and the usual high standard of service.

At the turn of 2024, Peter De Rijck left the management team and handed over his responsibilities to Sascha Klüsener. Mr Klüsener, who has been working for the company as a Sales Consultant since 2018, was given extensive training in his new role as Managing Director during the transition period. "Sascha Klüsener is the right person to take Eurosil forward. It's great to see that the future of the company is secured by committed and competent people," says a delighted Peter De Rijck.

Special thanks go to Mr Peter De Rijck, who has built up Eurosil over four decades and led it to success. His tireless efforts and commitment have created a solid foundation and the basis for the future development of the company.

The acquisition of Eurosil marks a significant milestone in Lithofin's expansion strategy. "We are excited about this acquisition and see great potential in the further development of our joint business," says Garvin Stingel, Managing Director of Lithofin. "Our teams share the same values and vision. We are convinced that this synergy will help us to develop innovative solutions for our customers and strengthen our market position."

The integration of Eurosil into Lithofin has taken place smoothly and efficiently over the past few months. The main objective remains to offer customers the best products and services and at the same time open up new market opportunities.


LITHOFIN AG is a leading company in the chemical construction industry with an extensive portfolio of stone care products and speciality cleaners for natural stone, ceramics, porcelain stoneware and other surfaces. With a strong focus on customer service and high product quality, Lithofin has established itself as a trustworthy partner in the industry. The company produces and develops its products in Germany.


EUROSIL BV has been an established trading company in the natural stone, tile and building materials sector for decades and is known for its high performance. The main business area is the distribution of LITHOFIN products in the BeNeLux region.

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