Lithofin MN Care-Sheen

Care product for natural and concrete stone.

Article number : 172
For occasional restoration of sheen on polished marble and other stone floors. Forms a fine surface film and is the ideal additional care-product for all shiny floors. Also highly suitable to add sheen to unpolished, honed and matt finishes.
Product type: water based protective and maintenance product
  • concentrate - high yield
  • contains wax
  • for indoor use only
Coverage approx. 20m²/L undiluted, up to 200m² diluted
Stocking closed, cool, frostfree, up to 3 years
Packaging 1 L, 5 L
  • pdf
    Technical Information - Lithofin MN Care-Sheen (GB)
  • pdf
    Material Safety Data Sheet - Lithofin MN Care-Sheen (GB)
    261 KB

First remove any dirt and care product residues with Lithofin MN Power-Clean. Afterwards wipe the surface with Lithofin MN Care-Sheen. (in case of hard wear: apply Lithofin MN Care-Seal diluted 1:4 with water). You may have to repeat this procedure in order to achieve a rich sheen. Use Lithofin MN Wash & Clean or Lithofin EASY-CARE for regular maintenance.

First carry out a basic cleaning with Lithofin MN Power-Clean. Regularly wipe the surface with a moist cloth in order to achieve a well maintained surface appearance. Always add one squirt of Lithofin MN Wash & Clean to the bucket of cleaning water to protect and maintain at once.  After every fourth cleaning, touch the surface up with Lithofin MN Care-Sheen. Lithofin MN Care-Sheen protects and maintains sheen on all polished surfaces.

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